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Born in 1949 with a string of roles behind her name, Meryl Streep is timeless!  Through her roles, she has evoked every emotion imaginable to her viewers.  Her diversity as an actress has set her apart from many in her field and her many accolades support this statement.  Winner of two Academy Awards and nominee of 15 speaks for itself. 

I first saw her in Kramer vs Kramer alongside Jon Voigt and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  I believe that she selects her roles carefully and this has added to her phenomenal reputation.  Movie greats like Silkwood and Out of Africa followed suite.  She had me on the edge of my seat in River Wild next to Kevin Bacon.  Her multiplicity was seen in Death Becomes Her and Mamma Mia.   We saw Meryl move with the times when she became the biggest ogre in The Devil Wears Prada but how could anyone hate her in this role when she is such a respected and admired actress!  To my knowledge, she has a clean slate with the media which adds to her poise and charm. 

Undeniably this woman will go down in history as the Greatest Actress of the 21st Century!

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