When Worlds Collide, a Mr. E Classic Movie Review

After watching the JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg collaboration on the awesome new film Super 8 I went in search of something new to me but classic in origins. What I found was a pleasant surprise.

This apocalyptic tale was originally penned in the 1930’s by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer. It was later brought to life, in color by the way, in 1951 to not only huge success but for the time award winning special effects.

I know the cynics of the world and especially those from the younger generation turn their noses up at the thought of experiencing anything from the fifties but this is different, open your minds, the premise of this story is so good that Steven Spielberg himself has committed to produce a remake of this classic due out in theaters in 2012.

When a scientist discovers that a new star and a trailing planet are on a collision course with Earth they only have a limited amount of time in which to inform the world and prepare a solution. Confirming the findings and the inevitable doomsday date they know that there will be a close encounter flyby that’ll wreak havoc on the planet followed a few weeks later with the end of the world collision. Their solution is to build a rocket ship that is very similar to the biblical Noah’s Ark, in purpose not design, that will theoretically carry 44 individuals and various animals off the Earth just in time to avoid the Armageddon and deliver them onto the surface of the second planet now named Zyra.

Some of the reactions and acting is a little dated and over acted but the fact that they made a great movie like this sixty years ago is amazing. And being a short movie, clocking in at only 83 minutes, it makes for a quick but entertaining watch that never has a lag in the action. They even managed to work in a somewhat believable love triangle, kudos.

The only thing that was really missing from the film was seeing more of a point-of-view from space when it came to the flyby and the collision. Instead they chose to play it safe, probably due to technical limitations of the times, and instead go with the more dramatic approach. It worked just fine but didn’t completely satisfy me personally that’s all.

I’m giving When Worlds Collide a major recommend to all and a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

“…and remember 3-parts popcorn to 2-parts chocolate washed down with 1-part cold beverage. Mmm. See you at the movies!” – Mr. E