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Wanna get your head bopping and your feet tapping … why not start a song ‘n dance collection.  These may not be the best movies ever made but they produced some awesome soundtracks and they make for some memorable and pleasurable viewing! 

Dirty Dancing.  Great story, great music and SUPERB dancing!  Who didn’t love Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in this one! 

Foot Loose.  A young Kevin Bacon got everyone’s feet moving in this ‘feel good’ movie – let’s hear it for the boy….   

La Bamba. A movie based on the life of singer Ritchie Valens, whose life ended tragically and too soon.  Lou Diamond Phillips delivered a brilliant portrayal.  A great soundtrack!  

The Jazz Singer.  Neil Diamond was the ‘Jazz Singer’.  The music was profound! 

Mamma Mia. Love it or hate it (the singing), Abba’s music was addictive the world over.  I believe it has never died! I say hats off to Meryl Streep and the rest of the cast for doing their own vocals. 

Grease was a phenomina!  Even watching it decades later, the music and dancing remain top class!  John Travolta will never be stranded at the drive-in. 

Fame.  For me, this is a classic!  The school of the ‘arts’ produced some talented students!  A tremendous soundtrack followed! 

Flashdance. Tell me honestly, who can forget the shower scene on the dance stage?  Some sexy dance moves to a great soundtrack!  And Jennifer Beals is still going strong today… 

High School Musical got all ages bopping and humming ‘gotta keep your head in the game’.  Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and the entire cast deliver a marvelous song-and-dance for viewers.

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