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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

Sweeney Todd: the demon barber of Fleet Street, is based on the Tony Award Drama musical written and directed by Stephen Sondheim who also did the screen play and music for the film, which was directed by none other than Tim Burton. The film is a musical- horror and a star studded production I would say, with Johnny Depp(Johnny boy) playing the lead as a negative protagonist and Helena Bonham Carter playing his accomplice. The main Villain still is Judge Turpin, played by Alan Rickman. History has it that the movie is actually based on a urban legend and till date Fleet street is really popular for its crime statistics and tourists tent to flock to see the place where Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett did their meat pies.  

The story revolves around Sweeney Todd who comes back to London in search of his wife and daughter, and on hearing that his wife is dead plans to kill the Judge Turpin, who is the cause for all this mess. Now, Mrs. Lovett his new “friend” agrees to be his accomplice in his killings. Soon after, Todd goes mad with anger when he misses his one chance in killing Turpin and decides to vent this anger on all mankind by killing everyone who comes into his shop for a clean shave, which was later made into pies and sold, as audience wonder what s coming next, a classic plot unfolds only to a mysterious and twisted climax.

Every aspect of the film was well made, take lighting for example, the plot was during the time when electricity was not found the use of candles and lamps making the film low lit and underexposed and giving it a spooky film. The whole time, the film had rainy clouds, making the frames look dark, gloomy and misleading. Editing was spectacular with its fast cuts and placing of shots, which made the scene and song effective and leave an impact in minds of the viewers. There is a shot which shows Todd walking towards Fleet Street, the fast cuts as the camera does a quick dolly in and out to show the streets of London gives leaves the audience open mouthed in awe!


Performance was mind blowing, as the characters create magic with their voice and body language. At one point you could actually make out the way the Beadle walked with his stick in one, it created a rhythm, a perfect beat which was maintained through out the film.Are you into blood and gore? Are you in love with Johnny Depp? Are you a Tim Burton fan? Oh wait! Do you love musicals? If your answer I yes to all this then stop wasting your time and go watch the movie. If you are not into the above, then you still must catch it as you might end up loving a musical- horror film(something you may have never liked before). So as Sweeney says, once you watch this film- you Never Forget and you Never forgive yourself for not watching it on Big Screen. 

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  1. I must say I loved this film, not only because I DO love Johnny and AM a fan of Tim Burton (and on top of that adore Bonham-Carter), but because, well… I don’t think there is nothing like this movie anywhere. The dark streets of London, the spookieness, the horror of the killings and making the victims into pies (althoug much less horrific than I expected it to be) mixed in with a perfect dose of Burton’s weird and ironic humor and the wonderful singing (who would have thought Johnny would have such a great voice? he can do ANYTHING!) makes a perfect movie! There is the romance, too, which I think was kind of predictable… but not really. And the great costumes! I loved all of Mrs.Lovetts dresses, and the swim-suit-thingy on Johnny? a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e with that face he made! I really think that anyone will enjoy this movie, there is somethink in it for everyone, and if you do not like horrors (like me, for instance) do not fret! this is a one of a kind thing, and even though it does have a gloomy mood throuought it is not pee-your-pants, hide-under-your-bed, do-not-look scary. I really enjoyed this film and I will recommend it to anyone!

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