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The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Chris Weitz)

The Saga continues!! Not only is Bella(Kristen Stewart) worried about aging farther away from Edward(Robert Pattinson).  She also needs to cope with a life without him! After endless nightmares and depression. After feeling her life is meaningless and thinking she will never be happy again. She confides in her closest friend in Forks,Jacob(Taylor Lautner). Her days seem brighter now that she has some one to spend them with. Some one who feels her pain and truly cares for her.  But when Jacob discovers something about himself that will change his life, Bella feels like she’s back at square 1. Now with her spontaneous adrenaline addiction, that has made Edward appear for brief moments of time,she knows he is not entirely gone. But when she’s confronted by another Cullen that one of her little dangerous adventures has left her true love to believe she is gone for good,all bets are off as she races to Italy to let him know she is alive and well. Can she get to Edward before he breaks the one vampire law that will lead him to his true end??

I love how the storyline plays out in this chapter of the series.  Although the romance between Edward and Bella is true and beautiful. I’m glad they took a step back from that to focus more on Jacob and seeing him discover his true self. However they didn’t completely shy away from it. They still showed the feelings she had and how much Edward leaving truly affected her life. Which I thought was added in a nice and subtle way from time to time. I also like how they started this movie. Showing Bella seeing an old woman and then realizing it was her. It really showed how much she doesn’t want to grow old but also how Edward didn’t seem to mind. That, to me, showed true love.

 I will say I did not like Taylor Lautner’s performance in this one. I think he completely over-acted this part. Maybe I didn’t see it so much in the first one because his role was a lot smaller. But I feel he was a little over dramatic in some parts. Like when he told Bella they couldn’t be friends anymore because he “wasn’t good”. But just because I felt Taylor’s acting was a little over the top, doesn’t change the fact that he is the best actor to play Jacob. He definitely looks the part. And I seriously believe he will only get better as the story goes on. But he could’ve toned it down a bit.

I will admit, I haven’t read the books. So everything in this movie was a surprise to me. I think that’s good because I feel this review would be completely different,had I read them. But New Moon has answered some questions I had after watching Twilight. And it also left me with even more questions for Eclipse. Overall, I think the movie played well from the first and set up a smooth, exciting beginning for the next. Just the way I like it when it comes to movie series. I’m now very eager and excited to see Eclipse.

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