DVD Review: Space Chimps

With screenwriters Robert Moreland (Happily N’Ever After) and Kirk De Micco (Racing Stripes) at the helm of the scripting, you can’t expect a tour de force storyline. What you can expect is a less than mediocre film, or in this case, the worst animated film of the year.

Ham III (Andy Samberg) is a circus monkey who mastered the art of crashing and making a complete fool of himself. He and his crewmates, the collected Lt. Luna (Cheryl Hines) and the serious commander Titan (Patrick Warburton), must complete a near impossible mission to survive a wormhole and free a distant planet of their unkindly ruler Zartog (Jeff Daniels).

Who knows, kids might go bananas over Space Chimps. But kids aside, grunts and groans ensue. You’re going to have to find a way to entertain yourself during this one. It simply does nothing right for adults. The dense script, lousy animation, and myriad attempts at making torturous puns humorous becomes nearly unbearable. So while kids might be having a great time watching talking chimps, you’re left with an uncontrollable urge to leave the room or off yourself before it ends.

Whether it be the synthetic animation, the irritativeness of a character titled Kilowatt (vexatiously voiced by Kristin Chenoweth), or your ability to withstand the infinite number of lame jokes, nothing can prepare you for the intolerable cruelty that Space Chimps has in store for its adult viewers. Other than Jeff Daniels’ unique change in voice, there is an absence of talent, a spew in direction, and a complete mishap in what was supposed to be clever scripting. The play on words seem aged and forced, rather than clever and contemporary. It becomes a burden to not only your viewing pleasure, but also to time you could’ve spent watching a halfway decent animated film or Kung Fu Panda for the third time. You’re best off skipping this one entirely.

So bad it could be used as a torture device in some rare countries, Space Chimps drains and exhausts those forced to sit through it to near death. This is no joke. The film basically devours any expertise involved, leaving you with a sloppy and insufficient lace of bad puns, unfinished animation, frantic nonsense, and inane dialog. If your kids are begging you to rent this for them, I would suggest you pilot them toward any other family flick for your own sake.

Special features included on the DVD is a featurette where the cast, director, and producer describe what makes an animated feature bad (a misstep they mastered with Space Chimps) and the acts to avoid when making an animated feature. It’s ironic they failed to follow their own advice. Also included in the special features is multiple trailers (only slightly different from one another) and a photo gallery. 1/5 stars

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