So this movie features an all-star cast; including voice actors Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz. Regardless of the big names, I failed to notice they were the voices until I just happened to look at some info regarding the film. I don’t know if I was engaged enough to fully see the film at that. Before I denounce this animated blunder, I’ll abbreviate the plot.

So this movie is about the proving of a specialized team of  Guinea Pigs who save the world from a technological catastrophe.

Will Arnett is hilarious. I don’t think he means to be, but if you watch Blades of Glory and then watch this, you will be humored by his facade of the stiff FBI agent. As for the rest of the film, I started to drift off.Never have I dozed off in the theatre… but today I’ve crossed that line- nodding during  the supposed pinnacle of the film.

They’re were some cheesy sections of this film to, some parts stolen from Transformers; like when a multitude of kitchen appliances unite in an aggregate of machines to form one larger entity- sort of like in the Revenge of the Fallen when that Decepticon builds itself into a prodigious mass sucking up  everything in its path.

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