Timber Falls (2007)

Grab you’re compass, get you’re tent ready and head out for a weekend hike you will soon want to forget. Timber Falls is directed by Tony Jiglio and starring Josh Randall, Brianna Brown, Nick Searcy, Beth Broderick and Sascha Rosemann.

The film starts out in a West Virginia state park, where a young couple head out into the woods for a nice weekend hike. Mike ( Josh Randall ) and his girlfriend Sheryl ( Brianna Brown) are a typical couple who wants to get away from the city for a while, and set out to hit the trails. Fairly new hikers, they are told to take the more patrolled path just in case something happens, they would be easier to find, but being a bit to over adventurous they decide to take the path less taken. A path called Timber Falls. Soon after they start up the trail, they start “fooling around” in the woods. During this time when Sheryl is down to her underwear, three local men,  two of them are holding rifles. Find them and start to cause trouble and embarrassment for the couple, they start to bully Mike and taunt Sheryl. Eventually Mike and Sheryl buy some moonshine off the men for fifty dollars, the men now happy leave them alone. The couple soon make’s it to camp just before nightfall, they set up the tent next to a scenic view and lake. Later that night they soon finish what they started back in the woods, but unknown to them they are being watched. In the morning Sheryl goes for a swim early in the morning, while Mike is still sleeping. Mike wakes up and heads to the lake to clean up and finds Sheryl’s necklace in the shallow water, he calls her name. Nothing no response. Running back through some trails, now paniced and frantically looking for her. He hear’s a scream. It’s Sheryl. After he finds her being held against her will, soon he to becomes a prisoner. The captures are very religious god fearing christians that want two things from this now terrified couple. They want to cleanse the couple of there sins through torture and they want to use Sheryl’s body for breeding.

The acting in this movie is OK and the story is very transparent. I will admit the film did keep my attention, and some of the torture scenes made me say ” Ohh, that’s gotta hurt”. Overall the movie was disappointing. Specially toward the ending. There was some very big gaps in the story, and they left allot of  unanswered questions. The story might have been better if they answered those question that leave you saying ” What! how did that happen?”. The torture scenes were actually good, but not up to the quality of some other films. ( Hostel for example).

I recommend looking the other way on this film and try something else, that has a better story and more suspenseful scenes, and a better ending. The movie feels like a cross between The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes, that sounds like a good combo, But it is not. So pass on this title, skip that hike through the woods and pick up any other movie. Chances are any title will be better than Timber Falls.

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