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Balthus Priest | Movie and Film Reviews (MFR)

Author: Balthus Priest


Curse whichever critic proclaimed SALT better than Bourne. Although SALT boasts an all-star cast namely: Angelina Jolie(Wanted), Liev Schreiber(Manchurian Candidate) and Chiwetel Ejiofor(Serenity) this movie proved to be what I...

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What I’ve Come to Realize

As life for me becomes more tepid and terrifyingly predictable I have lost interest in the academy award winning films that leave you more depressed than at the start; as if you had attended a Shakespeare tragedy. This excludes...

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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

  Beyond a Reasonable Doubt was undoubtedly one of the worst spoofs of this year. Exhausting the use of top name actors such as Michael Douglas and Orlando Jones, placing them in almost cameo roles in this tragedy of a film...

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Beyond the Sea

Beyond the sea is Kevin Spacey’s biopic on the life of two time Grammy award winner Bobby Darin, the artist who is most widely known for his hit “Beyond the Sea”. Starring and directed by Kevin Spacey, we see,...

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 I must admit I was not expecting this movie to be like it was. This movie was pure noir/horror and echoed Clover field in its finality. The mood of this movie was of a taciturn primal society, ravaged by an infectious disease,...

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