Aliens in the Attic

 So at the onset of my evening I was jut going to see Aliens in the Attic because I’ve seen everything else that there is to see, but it turned out to be not half bad. The movie starred Carter Jenkins in the leading role as Tom Pearson as well as the hilarious Robert Hoffman as Tom’s sister’s boyfriend Ricky.


The plot involves a family that is about to take their annual family vacation to the country. Tom is a young man that is more intelligent than he leads on to be and whishes to conceal his abilities so as not to be criticized by his peers for being good at math. In the vacation house strange things take place, and as the title reveals there happen to be aliens in the attic.


My favorite thing about this movie would have to be Ricky (Robert Hoffman). This guy did a heck of a funny job portraying the jerk boyfriend of Tom’s sister. What’s especially funny about him is when he is captured under mind control by the aliens. Somehow or another, the aliens loose the remote control for him, and it falls into the hands of Tom and his cousins. Ricky has been pretty mean and they make him pay, in some of the most hilarious scenes of this movie.


As far as the moral of the story goes it really is about not being ashamed of your abilities and that you can be cool and still be smart.


I think that the trailer for this movie did not do it any justice, and although it may seem very juvenile it’s pretty good.

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