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S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale (2009)

If you could go back in time to save you’re friends life, would you sacrifice you’re own in order to do so? Would you sacrifice you’re own life to save a small town? Can one life make a difference in the vast scheme of the universe? These are the questions you have to ask you’re self while watching this surreal film directed by Chris Fisher.

This Film takes place seven years after the events in Donnie Darko. Donnie’s youngest sister Samantha (Daveigh Chase) and her friend Cory (Briana Evigan) are on there way to L.A when there car breaks down just outside  a little nothing of a town called Conejo Springs. It’s July 1995 and the world is going to end in four days. or at least one man believes so, a man named Iraq Jack ( James Lafferty) a Gulf war veteran. Of course no one believes him and he’s pretty much shunned by everyone in the small town, but what if by even a  small chance he’s right?

Samantha is still torn up by the death of her brother, not knowing what to do with her life. She’s not the wild child like her friend Cory, she’s quiet and reserved all she wants to do is fix their broken-down car and be on her way, back on the road. Cory on the other hand does want to party. Especially with the local bad boy Randy ( Ed Westwick). That night Samantha dreams a strange and powerful dream. A Meteor strikes the local windmill the very next day, which sets off a series of events no one see’s coming. Samantha is a girl who has very strange  dreams, almost prophet like. The dreams are very vivid, but when she wakes up she doen’t remember she dreamed anything and ends up in a different place from where she fell asleep, she is a sleepwalker. but somehow, some way, the dreams seem to effect her bland normal everyday life. And this is where the film strangly, gets interesting.

Director Chris Fisher portrays brilliant directing with beautiful dessert landscapes and eerie dream sequences, the vastness of this movie will leave you wanting more like a drink of water in the dessert. The film is very deep story-wise and the characters all act impressively well, though the movie is not for everyone, cause it can be hard to follow in the very beginning, as the story jumps from scene to scene. It is a very artsy film. The dreams are shot real well, but sometime’s I said to myself “What is going on”, but as the movie reaches it’s pinnacle point I said to myself “wow! now i get it!”. If you Loved Donnie Darko then you will like this film. But watch at you’re own risk. Like i said it is a very artsy movie. This movie has an ending that will leave you saying “OH MY GOD, What a crazy film!”

“when darkness consumes the starlight, nightmares rule the night.” 

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