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Inglourious Basterds Review

Tarantino at his best. I believe Quieten was correct when he said this was his masterpiece.I love Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, ect. but this film was spectacular. It is almost, just almost better then Pulp Fiction but its missing the complexity that Pulp had.Inglorious is a simple tale at heart but done so well that beyond anything most of Quieten’s work.First off, I’d like to say that no spoilers will be reveal because the ending and climax are so amazing that it is worth your $4-$11 to see it.Do not expect the trailer to be the whole movie. Actually, most of the trailer is seen in the first 20 minutes or so and this is a long movie. The Bastards do their thing (I couldn’t stop laughing every time Brad Pitt talked), then you go over to another storyline in Paris where the film comes to together. You follow that for awhile, then you have another part with the Bastards, then the other storyline, then the finale with the two story lines mixing together.The film is truly a spaghetti film in WWII. The plot is simple for the most part with some twists and an amazing climax with one of the most hilarious endings.Though the film is very deep when you look into it. The germen are all vile and Hitler is just so… well, evil actually while trying to keep control over his newly acquired land. Its just makes the germen seem worse when you see them snickering at ally soldiers dying while we all get a laugh at seeing the Bastards kill the germen. There is some parts like that which make you think if you analyze them.Also, back to laughing every time Brad Pitt talked, his accent is so over-the-top that it was just hilarious to hear him speak. He could do a lecture about the biology of trees in that accent and I’d still laugh my ass off.All the Bastards have some pretty thick accents except two but its alright. I believe its supposed to be like that and its better like that.All the performances were just amazing. I focus on Brad Pitt but Mélanie Laurent was by far one of the best and only surpassed Brad Pitt and perhaps Christopher Waltz but its a bit pointless to try to say who is better because their all so damn good.In closing comments, this is my favorite Quieten Tarantino film and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Quieten or just wants a hilarious film. For those who dislike Quieten Tarantino, this film is not going to change your mind.9/10 because even though I love this film, it is not my favorite and in all reality, this film nor any Tarantino film will never surpass and best the success and cult following of Pulp Fiction.

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  1. In your review You have referred to Quentin Tarantino 7 times and his previous movies 6 times, this means you are clearly a Quentin Tarantino obsessed fan and therefore unable to give an impartial review, and as a result, in my opinion, it makes this review invalid.

  2. Hello TridentHunter. I would like to become a better reviewer but just going out and saying because I’m a fan of a director, my review is invalid, doesn’t help me. Are you saying I should just not review films with directors and writers I have strong feelings for or should I construct my reviews in a different?
    I’d like help and constructive criticism, not just criticism.

  3. First of all, I share your opinion of the film for the most part.

    Secondly, the review as a whole was good…but it seems to me that anyone that hasn’t watched the film would be more confused by your review than by the film itself. I know it’s hard to describe a Tarantino film in a review but trying to explain the different storylines of the film will just confuse them even more without giving a little more detail as far as the difference between them. Now I don’t consider myself an overly great reviewer and my opinion may be useless….but it’s a lot better than just coming in here bashing your opinion of a film or saying you can’t have one cause you’re a fan of a certain director or an actor.

    What may help you is going through and reading some reviews by other reviewers and seeing their styles and seeing how their reviews flow. I think flow is key in writing a good review. If a review jumps around and doesn’t really know what it’s trying to say it’s hard for others to understand or want to go watch the film.

  4. As far as criticism of the review goes I agree with ‘lerch0724’ that you might need to go into some other reviews to get a feel for how they are constructed. Overall though I do agree with your thoughts on the film. The direction, screenplay and actors were all superb. To me the highest quality Tarantino film I’ve seen.

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