The Incredibles(2004)

 The Incredibles is an action-adventure that is great for the whole family. It is an antimated film featuring the voices of, Craig T. Nelson, as superhero, “Mr. Incredible,” and Holly Hunter, as the superhero, “Elastagirl.” The movie is set initially in a jungle which is the home of the evil villian, “Syndrome,” voiced by Jason Lee.

  In the very beginning of the film we are shown the life of a superhero. We have Mr. Incredible heroically saving the day, along with fellow supers, like Elastagirl and Frozone. Everyone is greatful for the superheroes until complaints begin to settle in forcing the supers to go into hiding. We move fifteen years into the future to see Bob Parr, who was once Mr. Incredible, working in an office, miserably bored.

 At home, Bob is married to Helen(Elastagirl) and they both have two children, Violet and Dash. Violet has the power of invisibility and can generate force fields and Dash has the unique power of superspeed. Bob eventually grows tired of mediocracy and wants to go back to the “glory days of being a hero. One day he receives an envelope which contains a voice message for him to continue hero work.

 Now, back as Mr. Incredible, Bob resumes being a superhero and begins to fight crime once again until he falls into the hands of his arch nemisis, Syndrome, who has a goal of killing off every super so he can attain stardom. Helen, in an effort to rescue her husband, returns to being Elastagirl. The whole family ends up joining in on the action to stop Syndrome’s diabolical plans, using their powers to once again save the day.

 The special effects in this film is amazing, the computer generations were very realistic. It is clear that alot of time and effort was put in the making of this film. For example, everything from the scenery, such as the water, people, and vehicles, were very well constructed.

  It has become one of my favorite movies. I loved the plot, special effects, and the adventure of this film. It is definitely going to become an animated classic. I give this movie “two thumbs up.”  I recommend it to any family who would love to sit down together with some popcorn and spend two hours watching the greatest animated action adventure ever.

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