Grandma’s boy, directed by Nicholous Goossen and starring Alex Coverts, Doris Roberts and Linda Cardellini.

 Is a stoner comedy about a video game tester named Alex (Allen Covert)who thinks everything is going great. Until he gets kicked out of his apartment, because his roommate Josh (Jonathan Loughran) has been spending their rent money on filipino hookers. He ends up sleeping over his friend/co-worker’s house named Jeff(Nick Swardson), who still wares feeties pajamas and lives with his parents who he calls his “roommates”. After he get’s kicked out of Josh’s house by doing something “unmentionable ” to Josh’s mother, he ends up sleeping at his office desk where he works. That’s were he gets abruptly woken up by his new boss Samantha (Linda Cardellini) who is the new product manager of the new game Alex is testing.

With no place left to sleep he takes his grandmothers(Doris Roberts) offer to stay with her and  her two roommates,  Grace(Shirley Jones)  the “silver fox” type and the other roommate Bea (Shirley Knight)  the crazy prescription drug taking, don’t know whats going on type of roommate. Alex tells his friend he’s been staying with “three sex crazed girls” instead of telling the truth about living with his grandmother who over works Alex with early morning choirs, which makes Alex over tired and constantly falling behind on his work. throw in Dante (Peter Dante) Alex’s crazy drug dealer, an African witch doctor, and a story that barely believable you get a sub standard comedy about a video game.

Though I have to admit i did laugh in some parts at the very begining. The whole premise got tired after the first half hour. The acting was OK, and there are some funny cameo’s. the story just sank the boat for me. The movie is probably funny to a stoner,which is fine , but I’m not one. So it didn’t make the cut for me. My recommendation is watch this 94 minute movie at you’re own risk, you have been warned.