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Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen is the perfect summer movie and does what it is supposed to do, entertain, but is dragged down by plot holes and some acting problems. Directed by Michael Bay and starring Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox This all out action film will leave you with your adrenaline pumping.

Transformers 2 is once again centered around Sam Witwicky and his Autobot friends saving Earth. It opens with a brilliant action scene involving a massive Decepticon Demolisher and smaller car version Decepticon Sideways. The scene takes no time in getting to the action as the Decepticons reveal themselves and, in Transformers style, start to destroy everything within a one mile radius with the gigantic demolisher tearing through full motorways and Sideways smashing through Shanghai houses. The scene ends with Optimus taking the big boy down and a another minor tranformer ripping Sideway down the middle.Destroyer delivers a spine tingling message that “the fallen shall rise again” in which Optimus replys, with a blast to the face.

The scene shifts to Sam who is preparing to go to college and saying his goodbyes to his family, his girlfriend and his Autobot Bumblebee. At college he meets the most annoying character in the film Leo Spitz who is his roommate and also runs a website devoted to Alien sightings. The films goes through the generic action movie plot until Sam is caught by the Decepticons and has his brain scanned to locate the Fallen. Before they can kill him Optimus and the Autobots save him and another fight scene beginsm where they are forced into a forest (this is one one the shining action moments in Transformers) Optimus bravely battles several Decepticons, killing a few before being killed by Megatron.

Now Sam wanted by the government and only having the annoying roomate, Fox and the funny (but racist) Twins must go and search for the fallen before Megatron does. After an hour of action scenes and petty plot development. Sam reaches Egypt and finds the Fallen. A 45 minute battle ensues which contains many Autobots and Decepticons that fans will rejoice over.

The acting in Transformers two is average at best and there is really no groundbreaking performances to be seen. Turturro gives the best performance of the film and his character is very funny and more likeable than the previous installment. Shia Labeouf gives the generic normal guy turned saviour of the world routine but the scenes where he is under the power of the allspark are very badly done. Megan Fox is also passable and is really only there for eye candy, with most of her lines being about her and sams relationship or inaudible screams. The roommate played by Ramon Rodriguez gives a very bad performance with even the scenes where he is terrified aren’t believable, One scene has him crying in the back of a car only for him to be tasered by Turturro which was a relief as it was the worst acting of the film. The transformers themselves are very well done and all the previous acters reprise their roles.

The film is very poorly written. It seems to be a film made purely of action scenes and have some sort of a plot written around it. Its as though It was written just to have the extremely fast paced action sequences that would entertain the audience and nothing else. These action sequences are the best part of the movie and do gget your blood pumping, but, thats really it. The autobots from the previous film are barely in it, Exept for bumblebee the other autobots are basically background characters for battle scenes. optimus dies half way through and the Twins (though funny) aren’t likeable enough to support for the whole second half of the film. The film also contains so many plot holes its easy to list ten at a single time, it does not explain why bumblebee has now not got any voice despite it being repaired in the last film. It does not explain how the events of the last film were covered up, especially since it basically destroyed half a city. these plot holes are too big to ignore and it really is annoying how they are never answered. The film also seems to have been written to include as many transformers as possible. The transformers that are shown aren’t developed in ant way and seem to just be there for the sake of pleasing fans. Arcee, Chromia, Flareup, and Sideswipe are all  in the first action scene of the film and then they are gone. Only returning for the final battle where they are background cjharacters. The film pushes as many characters in the film as it can that by the end in the final battle you can’t tell which robot is which and when they die you don’t know if it is an Autobot and you are meant to feel sad or if it is a decepticon and you are meant to feel happy.

Overall, the film does it’s job of entertaining us, it is action scene after action scene and there is only so many times you can see a robot getting thrown through a wall or getting punched that by the end of it, the films action loses its wow factor. At 149 minutes londg it is far to long with the last battle taking up 45 minutes of this run time it could have easily been cut down. I’d recommend it if you are looking for a film with big action and little plot but i can’t recommend it to movie lovers who look past many things and dwelve deeper into the film. The film is entertaining but is bogged down with passable acting, trying to cram it with to many robots, plot holes and an absurd runtime.

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