“What’s up!, I’m Bruno” from the very first lines, you know you are going to like this movie.  Bruno is a comedy film directed by Larry Charles and stars Sacha Baron Cohen as the title character in another movie based off Cohen’s characters from Da Ali G show.

 The film is centered around Bruno, an openly gay Austrian fashion reporter and his quest to become famous. After Being fired from his job because off an accident at Milan fashion week, He flees to the United States too become a superstar and is accompanied by his assistant Lutz who adores him (though Bruno never notices). The film from there on is filled with a variety of hilarious antics that will leave you laughing the whole way through. One scene involves Bruno (trying to become a celebrity) producing a fashion talk show  which he presents to a Focus group audience. It features Bruno dancing erotically, criticizing the appearance of  Jamie Lynn Spears’ fetus with reality TV star Brittany Gastineau, and attempting to “interview” actor Harrison Ford. I won’t say any more but the ending to this scene will leave you crying with laughter as the end gag will catch you off-guard. The final icing on the cake is watching the focus groups’ reactions to the show as they are unwittingly told it is real.

Another notable scene is one in which Bruno goes to a spiritualist as to get in touch with an old boyfriend (the deceased Rob Pilatus of Milli Vannili) whom Bruno had a short stint with and seek advice. Afterwards Bruno asks if he can be telepathically linked to his old flame and then performs an extremely sexual act upon an invisible person much to the disgust of the spiritualist. This scene makes you laugh and cringe at the same time as Bruno commits things that let your imagination imagine things, it wish it hand’t it a good way.

The films acting by Cohen is very well done with even the fake plot-line segments feeling very real. Cohen fools real terrorists, Paula Abdul, Ron Paul, an entire cast of the show medium, a group of hunters and an entire arena of an ultimate fighters show. After Borat and Ali G you would think that anyone would be able to spot him and not be fooled, but, Cohen manages to pull it off and does extremely well never to break character in the funniest points of the film. Occasionally he will give a smirk, but that lets us connect with the character more in that he is with us for the ride. Lutz (Bruno’s’ assistant) also does a great job in the scenes where he must not break character. In one scene, both men are chained together in a hotel and have managers, representatives and staff come up and see them, and while giving out terrific one liners and jokes, they never laugh or break character.

 The film has been terrifically written in all areas. The jokes come thick and fast with some moments that will leave you gasping for air. The film is very short (only 82 minutes) but they waste none of it and every minute will make you laugh in some form or another. Even the plot is well written, even though you know the character of Bruno is fake, You still sympathise for Bruno at his lowest points when his life seems over. The film constantly changes from one scene to the other very smoothly and it definitely doesn’t lack variety.  Some of the gags such as one scene where Bruno is with a group of hunters and he makes a comment on how the stars remind him off all the hot guys in the world. All the straight hunters say nothing and their is a long awkward silence that’ll make you chuckle. Scenes like that can’t be written, and Cohen really gets lucky when his unwitting guests leave a space open for a terrific gag.

 Overall this is a terrific film, It is 82 minutes long and every minute has you laughing, which is rare to find. Not everyone will take kindly to the more shocking scenes that include very sexual acts and also very revealing ones, but if you do, then get ready to laugh your socks off. This is definitely a film not to be missed and i would recommend it to people who are looking for a great laugh but if you are easily offended then i would stay clear of it. The thing about Borat is that it got boring after the first watch, bruno is still funny after multiple viewings, it may be similar to Borat, but it is an entirely different film at heart. If Bruno had come first and Borat second then i’m sure the ratings bruno has had will have been different, with people saying Borat reminds them of Bruno and not the other way around.

Exellent laughs, great character and one really good film. If you get a chance to see it then don’t let it pass.

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