Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a great family film and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. This Family/Comedy film directed by Carlos Saldanha and starring Ray Romana, John Leguizamo, Denis leary and Simon Pegg really is a great film.

The film starts with Scrat the sabre-toothed squirrel hunting once again for his acorn, but this time he runs into Scratte a female version of him. The two fight over the acorn until scrat loses it and falls off a cliff, landing into the main characters from the previous films. Manny and Ellie are having a baby, Diego is having problems coping with his new domestic life that is different to his last life of a hunting tiger and Sid is having to cope with manny and Ellie having a baby and him being less and less in Mannys’ personal life. Sid finds three large eggs in the snow and starts to look after them despite the others telling him to return them. Diego leaves for a new life and Manny is obsessed with keeping ellie safe. The eggs Sid has Turn out to be dinosaur eggs and the take him as their mummy which Sid is only too happy to be. After a series of fiascoes involving the babies their mother comes to look for them. She finds them but Sid thinks he is the rightful parent and refuses to give them up, he is taken along with the baby dinosaurs. The others decide to rescue him. They travel down to man exotic world under the ice filled with dinosaurs and also meet Buck, an insane weasel who has survived in the world for years and it has driven him almost to madness. Buck aggrees to help them find Sid. They go through many obstacles along the way including a carnivorous plant, gas that makes you laugh to death, a deadly run in with deadly dinosaurs and lava waterfalls. All the while cutting back to Sid and his antics concerning his and the mother dinosaurs differences in the raising of their kids that brings many funny moments. it also cuts back and fourth through the mini-story of Scrat and Scratte and their antic which include a violent tango and being stuck in bubbles.

The films¬†writing is once again very good with lines being delivered very well and the jokes being much funnier this time round. The plot is very good and easy to follow, and somehow manages to follow many plot lines without being difficult to remember whats going on where such as in Spiderman 3. Each character feels like it has its own personality and newcomer Buck steals the show. His lines are the funniest of the movie and his character is given a back story in an entertaining and funny way that isn’t boring like other films do. He is like-able and quickly becomes the favourite of the film. the other characters are given some decent development. The film is much more action oriented this time round and it is for the better as the movie moves along nicely and the action sequences fit in very well in-between the fast moving story. The film is much more funnier this time round with Sid having his funniest lines yet and Scrats’ side story being much more involved this time round.

The Acting is top notch as always with Manny being much more lively than the last two installments and Sid being the same sloth, only funnier. Each actor delivers their lines near perfectly with Simon Pegg standing out as a crowd winner as Buck. Queen Latifah is however the odd-one out as her lines seem like they were done in a hurry and she isn’t very convincing. It is a shame that everyone else does a very good job and she sounds so poor. the CGI is as good as always with characters flowing nicely with no stiffness. The facial expressions really bring the characters to life with the gas cavern scene having funny dialogue along with hilarious faces.

Overall Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is so far the best in the series. The action is much better and the jokes much more funnier, the multiple plots flow with one another nicely and are easy to follow. The new character Buck is a memerable character and easily steals the show. It really is a must see family film.