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Straightheads (aka, Closure, 2007)

In a role unfamiliar to the type most noteworthy of Ms. Gillian Anderson, long time star of the X-Files, the lovely actress carries convincingly the character of smart business woman and seductive cougar, Alice. When her newest boyfriend and her are waylaid, brutalized and she, raped, on the way home from a corporate party, the injuries sustained bite deep into her sense of outrage. The young man loses an eye and, for a time his virility. However both become bound to a common resolve for revenge.

The interesting interplay following develops around Adam (well played by Danny Dyer,) coming to terms with his own repressed sense of outrage at the time, ironically, Alice’s becomes satiated. Her meeting the daughter of worst offender, Heffer (the well casted, Anthony Calf,) brings Alice’s sense of situation into play when the young girl’s father confesses his part in the crime and tries to convalute his responsibility to protecting his daughter, a misstep (along with failing to recognize the woman he’s raped) since it leads to his “ultimate” rape.

But the matter doesn’t end there, the taste of revenge brings out latent tendency towards “closure” in Adam. That it’s taken with the battered and abandoned means Alice has used to resolve her own issues is just one more success in the list of attributes director/writer Dan Reed grants in this quite novel revenge flick.

The English countryside setting, interesting use of scene shift and the use of relying on viewers’ own sense of outrage to connect otherwise indistinct storyline elements is inspired. As is the presence of Heffer’s daughter as a kind of boundary imposed upon even the madness outrage can sometimes induce.

That indistinctness is part of the movie’s ending, although hardly a flaw, it is the way of actual life that so much is not “filled-in” but left to a form of closure more inspired than advised. Alice gives the daughter a lift on the road the girl has taken to flee, while Adam is left at the scene of the mayhem still in a state of agitation…hardly intent on cleaning up evidence, as if it really doesn’t matter. Would that it didn’t.

And that just may be the point.

A movie both though challenging and well textured in easily understood emotions that lend credibility to what otherwise might seem unlikely.

Excellent supporting cast, excellent direction and well-written script.

Highly recommended and not just for the X-File fan that longs to see that other side of the seemingly repressed lady co-star.

Nudity, graphic violence and language. Not for children.

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