Anywhere But Home

              “Anywhere But Home”, staring Vince Vaughn as Brad and Reese Witherspoon as Kate, script by- Matt Allen and Caleb Wilson, and which is directed by Seth Gordon, is an easy and light- hearted movie which you can watch on a Sunday afternoon lazing around.

               Anywhere But Home is about a happily unmarried couple name Brad and Kate, who manages to avoid there family Christmas and prefers going to an exotic destinations. Every year they lie to their parents that they are going for some charity work in different remote countries. But infact they are heading for a holiday in beautiful and exotic locations. But this year cause of bad weather conditions flights gets cancelled and unfortunately at the airport they both are interviewed on a national television which both of their families watches and they get caught red- handed. As a result Brad and Kate have to visit four homes in one day that is- his father’s, his mother’s, her father’s and her mother’s, and celebrate four times over. Therefore two of them have to face all that things and embarrassments which they’ve always tried to escape, that is- divorced parents, backbiting siblings, out-of -control kids and all the awwkward moments that are the hallmarks of every family Christmas.

               This movie is comedy of embarrassment. It gets its humor from silly gags like vomiting babies, oversexed seniors, harassing siblings, etc. This movie is one of the festive romantic comedy with Brad and Kate.

                Anywhere But Home, is packed with vulgar comedy. This is one of those rare movie about family that you cannot expect or dare to watch with your family.

                I would recommend this movie to those who want to chill, relax and want a time-pass on a Sunday or a holiday afternoon. There is this tasteless joke in the movie about Brad’s mom and her boyfriend who use to be Brad’s friend in his teens. It’s a bit sick, but it’s also funny. So that’s the best way I can describe this movie.

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