Romulus My Father

Romulus My Father stars Eric Bana (Munich,Hulk,Troy)Franke Potente(Bourne movies 1-2)Martin Csokas (Lord of the Rings,Bourne Supremacy,Kingdom of Heaven and Kodi Smit -Mcphee.Direction comes from actor and first time director and winner at the AFI by Richard Roxburgh(Van Helsing,Mission Impossible 2,moulin Rouge and screenplay comes from Nick Drake.

This is a very poweful movie indeed which tells the true story of Raimond Gaita’s memoir, from when he was a small boy.Trying to live a balanced life alongside his father Romulus (Bana) and his depressive mother (Potente)this story deals with an unbreakable bond of love between a boy and his father who must also deal with their lives as immigrants in an unknown country.Also when the understanding of medical conditions mainly mental, was very low.

I saw this film and was absolutely blown away by the level of acting.Not only by Bana and Potente but more so from first time actor Smit-Mcphee.His level of natural talent truly shined during each scene and he was able to flawlessly play alongside Bana who once again captivates you with the in depth spark he posesses.Both Bana and Smit-Mcphee won best young and leading actors at the AFI.Romulus is directed by first time director Richard Roxburgh and the screenplay comes from Nick Drake,who together spent many years studying this story and met Raimond Gaita and produced a masterpiece which will truly get your emotions flying up and down.

The set for this film was set in the exact location of Gaita’s childhood.This i found was fascinating and the scenery was extraordinary.You are also shown his real house with many scenes used for this purpose.The music score used,i found really puts  icing on the cake with emotional and sometimes comical scenes.

In my overall opinion if you have not had a chance to see this,then this is a definite.With many aspects of bonds,love and human condition many will be able to relate to this.This is not always depressing,it does have some elements of humor which will be a nice little comforter for you.Having met Richard Roxburgh and Nick Drake who i hope continue working together on many more projects,i feel this is an absolute winner and hope to see again soon.

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