Waterborne (2005)

“Waterborne” stars Christopher Masterson and Jon Gries. This gritty story of survival takes place in Los Angeles where terrorist have contaminated the city’s water supply. A horrific Drama directed by Ben Rekhi.

The movie centers on several characters, mainly two friends played by Christopher Masterson and Jon Gries, that connect to a story of racial equality and human survival. The film takes place in three day increments. Tension builds on day one of the contamination as the fear of drinking water intensifies. While the city is in a frantic, friendships deteriorate and the urge for water turns to a deadly rampage.

Stunning performances from Christopher Masterson and Jon Gries. As expected, this film held my interest with it’s gritty storytelling and outstanding photography. Once the film kicked off, my eyes will be glued to the screen. First time director Ben Rekhi does an excellent job at proving his skills behind the camera. Fine performances from its supporting cast. A very engaging drama from start to finish.

The photography was shot so well that you feel almost obligated to watch. A mesmerising drama showing that fear is what controls us. This is the most important movie about human survival made in years and a work of art that has been overlooked by many. Great work done by a first time director Ben Rekhi. “Waterborne” deserves a spot on my top ten list.

Successfully combines the cinemagraphic look of the movie “Traffic” and the power that came with the movie “Crash”. A very sobering, thought provoking film that demonstrates the power of racial equality and human survival. Waterborne is one of the most powerful films of the year. Great acting and directing. This is the most terrifiying story of survial I have ever seen on film. I recommend “Waterborne” to everyone who hasn’t yet discovered the talent behind Ben Rekhi as a director.

2 thoughts on “Waterborne (2005)”

  1. Acted well enough…I couldn’t get into most of it because it was a bit silly, living Cali we get drought conditions all of the time and aren’t supposed to use water for some times…these people were going almost stark raving mad after a couple of days in which there were plenty of other beverage choices…lol The version I watched was “widescreen” but the camera is always zoomed right on the faces of the actors, or in the one struggle scene with the flag burner beating the store clerk it zooms in on elbows and crap…the actors were doing good and I wanted to see them act, not their facial hair…I would hate to see what a full screen version would look like, no faces at all and just skin pores and pimples

    The character that is the Malcom in the Middle dudes friend is all over the place contradicting the set-up, first he is all anti-country and government saying he wants to go live in Mexico and then he turns into a racist jerk to the arab/indian looking guy…which oddly enough he was making fun of his hat when he himself was also wearing a similar style cap, made no sense…he went from talking about USA persecuting other people’s to doing it himself the second he leaves the apartment

    The other small points that stuck out to me was int he montage showing everyone sleeping at the end of day 1…why were the army men sleeping together?..lol…and then the store’s shelves were way too loaded with product..

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