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The Jonas Brothers, 3-D concert experence

Staring, Kevin,Joe and Nick Jonas.

It is really what it says it is a 3-D Concert Experience, they shot it so perfectly that you feel like your on stage singing with however off key you might be. beside singing, there is clips of what a normal day is for them, (Which by the way it starts at 4:30 A.M.) Being chased by girl would be considered strange for most men but that is just a normal day for the Jonas Brother.

Also with a some of their friends Demi Lovato and the Country sensation Taylor Swift. Even though its a concert its not with out its action, from the heart racing effects to mind blowing stunts, one major thing about this movie is that Disney has stepped it up. It not cheesy dance moves is not La-De-Da songs they put so much passion and effort into every lyric of every song, you just can’t help but to love them for every thing they do, so no their not the Beetles or the Monkeys or the Beach Boys or the Bee-Gees but they are my generation of singers and I admirer them.

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