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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Also known as Indy 4, the last Indiana Jones film to be made…at least for now. Who knows if they’ll end up making an Indy film with the son of Indiana Jones, played by Shia LaBeouf. In this classic end to the series of films, Harrison Ford is brought back to reprise his role as Indiana Jones. Along with someone from his past, played by Karen Allen, a new addition is added to the cast with Cate Blanchett, Along with his son, Indy embarks on a mysterious adventure to return a crystal skull to its rightful place. Set in 1957, this film is the typical Indy adventure with a few twists added in.

Indiana Jones is suspected of aiding Russian agents and gets the boot from the college which he teaches at because of it. Running into a boy, who later we find out is actually his son, Indy is enticed to help the boy when he comes to learn that one of his old friends has been kidnapped. Indy and his son fight right along side each other trying to find their way through the Amazon, down waterfalls, and on the edge of cliffs. One thing is for sure, as they say, “Be careful what you wish for.”

The best part of an Indy film: music. No contest. Composer John Williams is the reason the Indy films work; with his amazing composition. The action sequences aren’t too shabby, a few verging on completely unbelievable, and some are fully in the latter category. They fall off the waterfall three times and survive, no bruises, nothing, and two out of the three times, they land right by their boat. Hmmm…interesting, how convenient. Throughout the entire film, I felt like the actors were just acting. Sounds crazy I know, but there are movies where you feel like the actors are really the character they are playing and some where they are just acting.

It’s a nice movie to rent if you haven’t already seen it, and if you’ve seen the first three, go ahead and see the fourth; have some closure with the whole Indy series. It’s bearable, it has the “Indy wit” as I’d like to call it, and some action sequences that are very nicely put together. End result is that it didn’t do much for me. I felt like I could pause or stop it and come back to it, and that’s not the makings of a truly great film; though I don’t feel it was intended to be.


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