Alright so if my memory serves me correctly the last movie I saw based on a Saturday Night Light skit was Wayne’s World. Which means it has been over ten years since I have seen a movie that is based off of a Saturday Night Live Skit. The time has now arrived with Macgruber. I have not ever seen the skit before so I cannot say if it is an accurate depiction but the movie is okay, not great but okay.

Your story here is you have the villain named Dieter Von Cunth (and yes the name is a parody of itself) played by Val Kilmer who steals a nuclear weapon with plans of using it to destroy Washington D.C. Col. Jim Faith played by Powers Boothe and Lt. Dixon Piper played by Ryan Phillippe call in a special operative to stop him. The operative is Macgruber played by Will Forte who is the decorated hero in every way possible in the armed services.

The movie does have some funny parts to it, even though they are all toilet jokes. The movie does have some action scenes in it that are funny and enjoyable. It becomes apparent to the viewer once they see Macgruber in action that he is a screw up who cannot do anything right and usually makes the situation much worse than it already is. This angle works in funny ways throughout the film and there were a few parts of the film where I almost fell out my chair because they were so funny. Kristen Wiig plays Vicki St. Elmo who serves as Macgruber’s assistant and she is actually really funny as well.

The problem I have with this film is Macgruber himself is such a jerk that after awhile he gets on my nerves. From what I have been told about his character that is how he is in the skits but as the movie progresses it just becomes aggravating. I was waiting for moments where he did something good or at least said something to get me on his side but that never comes. Called me old fashioned but I am getting tired of sex jokes, I do not mind sexual dialogue jokes but this movie has two awkward sex scenes that they try to make funny and they are not funny at all. To make matters worse the two scenes are shown back to back so the movie over plays its hand.

Overall, the movie is okay it is by no means the funniest movie of the year but it has some glowing moments to it. The movie just over plays itself with the toilet humor. I went into this movie with very low expectations since it looked like garbage after I saw the trailer. The movie is enjoyable at parts but overall the movie is nothing special.

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