Sleepover is a 2004 comedy distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.  It stars Alexa Vega, Sara Paxton, Mika Boorem, Sean Faris, and Scout Taylor-Compton.  It is produced by Bob Cooper and Charles Weinstock.  The director is Joe Nussbaum.

This movie is about four teenage girls celebrating their last day of junior high school and the upcoming first year of high school by having a sleepover at one of the girls’ houses, Julie Corky’s.  Her friends Farrah, Yancy, and Hannah have come, as well.  Stacie, another one of Julie’s classmates, was originally invited but blew it off to go to a high school dance.  After her high school boyfriend dumps her before arriving there, Stacie decides to dare Julie and her friends to go on a scavenger hunt while she and her girlfriends also go on it.  Stacie is stuck up and wants the popular table at the high school, which she deems the prize for winning.  The losers get the unpopular table by the garbage dumpster.  She and her friends sneak all around while trying to avoid being spotted by Julie’s parents, who warned her not to leave the house, and a quirky security guard.

The basis for this teen movie, as is the case for most teen movies these days, is high school love.  The main character of the film, Julie Corky, is seeking the affections of the “hottest” guy in school, Steve Phillips.  But Steve appears not to even notice her until, quite ironically, the events of the night of the sleepover.  While in his car, he spots Julie riding across the street on a skateboard.  Since this movie is one of those feel-good movies where the viewers know what’s going to happen before it happens but just tag along for the ride, I’ll tell you that Steve takes an interest in Julie upon laying eyes on her.  I think you can figure out the rest!  It’s rather clique, but people never seem to tire of it.  After all, everyone loves a happy ending.  Right?

Another interesting aspect of this film is Julie’s goal to prove to her mom and everyone else that she’s growing up.  In the beginning, her mom gets her special party supplies for the sleepover, which Julie turns down, saying she outgrew them.  Yet, she is reluctant to defy her mother by leaving the house.  This fact proves that she may still see herself as a kid and, therefore, still under her parents’ authority.  Julie may be growing up but she is still seen by most as a kid.

To wrap, Sleepover is a romantic teen comedy that, I believe, the entire family can enjoy!

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