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Top 10 British Comedies

This list is a must watch list for comedy laughs that would keep you laughing through the week. The best of the british comedy; 1. Monty Python’s: Life of Brian 2. Shaun of the Dead 3. Monty Python’s: The Holy Grail...

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‘Death at a Funeral’ film review

This is the film review of the black comedy produced by Chris Rock (Grown Ups, Lethal Weapon 4) who also takes a leading role as aeron in this hilarious disastrous funeral. Co starring Martin Lawrence (Badboys) playing Ryan,...

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‘Mirrors 2’ Film Review

This is the review of mirrors 2. A film which didn’t make the cinemas, and went straight through to DVD. When I watched this is was very suprised too see that it was not a follow on from the origional film. This was a...

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‘The Town’ film review

The last film of the late great Pete Postlethwaite who playes the fergus ‘fergie’ colm an irish operation don.   A film that passed through straight to dvd. Starring one of the great names in acting, Ben Afleck...

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Top 10 Adam Sandler films

this is for the top 10 adam sandler films. 1-Happy Gilmore 2-Little Nicky 3-Waterboy 4-Mr Deeds 5-billy Madison 6-Click 7-I now pronounce you chuck and Larry 8-Big Daddy 9-50 first dates 10- anger managment...

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