This is for the review of the 3rd installmant of ‘Meet the’ films.

After the comercal ‘meet the parents’ and even better second ‘meet the fockers’  how does this 3rd, ‘Meet the Parents, Little Fockers’ fare against them?

In my opinion after seeing this film twice,  it has not ruined the origional two and has followed their footsteps and  is a nice round off to the set of films. As the films does look more at a family situation after marriage and when there are set of kids around them, and the reality of the changing times of frailty showing. It takes a direct look into the changing lifestyles of the married couple when they have children of their own growing up. There is also the family ties and how the change in head of family leadership comes into centre stage for the Burn’s family tree.

There are a lot of issues surrounding the time spent in marriage, not only being seen in both Focker families and the new story line of the film see’s the marriage stretched out. The family household is the main emphisis of this film, which shows the fundementals.  It closes the films off nicely. It has a bigger impact shot upon family emotions which the audience also get captured into.The ever changing times of Life and the Cycle set in motion. As this is not the most humourous from the 3 movies, it is the most emotional. The Humour is there, but there is a lot of Sarcastical humour and yes what people call ‘Dumb Humour’. This does bring a perfect end to the films and shows the importance of the children to the parents.

To conclude, this film is a solid film, which would make you laugh but could also bring a tear to your eye.   Withs it emotional look at life after marriage, the years after and that twist that makes it a moving fim. With Stiller bringing the humour in. Would be a nice evenening film or a family movie. What the film aims at it has delivered.