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‘Mirrors 2’ Film Review

This is the review of mirrors 2. A film which didn’t make the cinemas, and went straight through to DVD. When I watched this is was very suprised too see that it was not a follow on from the origional film. This was a dissapointment as it left the story in an awkward place. The films see’s a Nick Stahl (Terminator 3-rise of the machines) as Max Mathewson and Emmanuelle Vaugier (Saw IV) as the main Characters along with Evan Jones (8 Mile) and Lawrence Turner (Red).

However, this film still made for a goryThrilling setting. The department store name the mayflower (origional film) has just opened up a new store in where after a accidental car crash see’s Max Mathewson (Nick Stahl) start to see sink into depression over the loss of his fiance in the crash. After blaming his self for the accident his Dad (the manager of the Mayflower) offers him a security guard position to help him when he starts to see a woman in the mirror. After passing it off and seing a psycologist about this he is told it is part of the healing process mentally. After a night he see’s the death of one of the employees in the mirror. After another employee dies the police suspect him and max Mathewson gets looking to find more information about what is going off. This brings into play elizabeth reigns (emmanuelle Vaugier) as it gets personal to find out why and who is in the mirror trying to get revenge.

This film is a bit of a disspointment due to it not being a follow on from the 1st installment however, it seriously is a gory film with the mirrors unleashing torment and sick pain. The film has a good plot which doesnt really link to the first film excpet for the mirror itself.  It isa thriller and it does keep you on the edge of the knife. I did enjoy this film but thought of it being slow in some places. It does have a better thought out story line then the first movie and there is a proper plot, different to the first film where it seemed anyone was the victim. It is well worth to watch if you like thriller and gore.

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