“88 Minutes” stars Al Pacino looking more worn-out than ever and other actors I have no desire to even mention. It’s directed by Jon Avnet (Fried Green Tomatoes) and written by Gary Scott Thompson (Hollow Man, The Fast and the Furious).

Dr. Jack Gramm is a wealthy forensic psychologist by day and a partier by night. He receives a threatening phone call stating that he has a very long 88 minutes to live. As he repeatedly gets these phone calls reminding him of how much time he has left, he tries his hardest to scope out the harasser using his knowledge in forensics.

88 minutes…you wish. This actually runs for a total of 108 very dull minutes. Just because Al Pacino is in it doesn’t give Jon Avnet the right to release this theatrically. The film just can’t shake off that haunting straight to dvd feeling, even with Al Pacino as the lead. Those who pay to see this are just participating in the making of bad films. If we keep seeing them, they’ll keep making them. You might as well reach down in your pocket, take out $9.50 and flush it down the toilet. Al Pacino tries his best but he just looks tired and drained of all emotions, leisurely sagging along.

This is a film with absolutely no redeeming qualities and is a top runner for the worst film of the year. It’s a sloppy and unoriginal psychological bore. An ill-suited score, very poor direction and an inept script is just a taste of what to expect if you waste your time with this one. There is enough unintentional hilarity here to make up a decent comedy. It’s plain and simple, this film just should’ve never been made. I take my reviewing seriously and when I come across a movie as awful as this, it makes me want to slap myself for watching. It doesn’t even qualify for being worthy of a free viewing.

Only see it if you’re willing to contribute to the worst film of the year so far, apparantly without any film competing at taking its place. Al Pacino isn’t really horrible in it, but the material is downright bad. Nothing is worse than seeing a good actor like Al Pacino attempt to make something work and fail. The truth is, I’d rather bash my head repeatedly against a desk 88 times before ever viewing this movie again.