This creepy kiddy movie stars Isabelle Furhman and Vera Farmiga in a suspensful horror film.

After the loss of her child, a couple wants to adopt a new child when they discover they need to move on with their lives. The couple decide to adopt a little girl named Esther (Furhman) and introduce her to the rest of her family, a little deaf girl and a brother who thinks he’s all that. However, when bad things start to happen around Esther, she’s not what she seems to be.

This movie was a bit like the Ring 2. The whole, be my mommy thing comes into play as they mysteriosuly try to kill her but it doesn’t work because she is one step ahead. The horror is a bit horrific when Esther takes her little sister and kills a nun who she believes is trying to take her away. Not to mention a bird as well.

There are some funny moments as well as to not make the whole movie scary. Sexual jokes are involved making this an R rated film not to mention things get even weirder towards the ending you will never see coming.

Overall this film was pretty scary and there haven’t been any good ones in a while.