“The Prestige” stars Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Scarlet Johansson, and David Bowie. Directed by Christopher Nolan and based on the novel by Christopher Priest. Adapted for the screen by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan.

Set in turn of the century London, two magicians become bitter rivals after an onstage trick goes horribly wrong. Now each will stop at nothing to learn the others secrets and prove themselves the better magician. Alfred Borden(Bale) is a great technical magician but lacks the showmanship of Robert Angier(Jackman) and vice-versa. When Borden introduces a new trick, Angier goes to any length to discover his secret and each confrontation becomes deadlier than the last. The movies final moments are some of the best in film history, and will leave you with your mouth agape and your mind numb as you try and decipher the great art that is “The Prestige”

The reason I basically worship this film is the tremendous plot. It beautifully blends elements from science fiction, drama, and even a little comedy to make this a great movie. The story is absolutely amazing and just goes to show that a great movie can be made with a bit of creativity and some patience. The great thing about this movie is that it doesn’t have a tired, cliched story. The entire movie is a fresh and beautiful masterpiece.

 A great story is nothing though without a fantastic cast of actors and actresses to put it into motion, and capture the essence of the script. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are fantastic together, and their personalities are perfect compliments of one another. Michael Cainne is amazing as always as the intelligent illusion engineer for Angier. Scarlet Johansson does a very convincing performance as the very beautiful and mysterious Olivia Wenscombe. David Bowie rounds up this all star cast and does a fantastic job as the scientific genius of Nikola Tesla. His facial expressions as his machine fails to work again and again are better than most actors when they are following lines on a script.

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. The real trick is having a great movie, coupled with a fantastic cast. Easily one of the best films of all time, my review of it does the film little justice. If you have seen the movie you know why I love this movie. If not, why are you still reading this review? Go out, buy the movie, and watch it again and again. I know I will.