Dream works entertainment brings back the panda mania after two years in the form of kungfu panda 2. The movie is animation in nature and suits well,with the younger generation.

The movie is about a single line story called as ” one that destroys kung fu” Here the director of the movie introduces missile bombs that breathes fire and spits metal. Po and the furious five are on a mission to stop it and bring things to justice. In the meantime Po experiences strange nightmares or may be dreams, that has been once occurred in his life and he struggles a lot to confront it. His master Shifu , learns the inner peace and asks Po to achieve it. But Lord Shen does not allow Po to achieve inner peace. Now Po is helpless and his friends decide to finish the job alone. Is this the end of Po and his strange histrionics. To know the answer watch the movie.

Director of the movie, Jennifer Yuh nelson, has given strong scenes that touches the hearts of the viewers and also feel pity for Po. Not only there , even in the crucial scenes where Po learns happiness always has to be created, he has done a awesome job.  Some scenes where Lord Shen outplays Po is great and certain scenes where tempo rises are superb. The best scene in the movie is achievement of inner peace. Splendid direction there. We have nothing in the first 20 minutes or so. Then tempo picks up. The second half is superbly directed with efficient technical values. Screen play is crisp and gains perfection as movie moves on. We may feel that it lacked the humor present in first part. But yet a emotionally satisfying movie is this one.

When we come to franchises,we need to speak about character development. In this movie again the director scores, full marks for characterization. The main character Po is superbly evolved from dragon warrior towards a depressed character wanting to know the truth. The inside of his part is perfectly blended. The furious five including tigress , mantis , monkey , viper and crane. Tigress  has strengthened the bond with Po. We see how it has been developed and there is maturity in some dialogues. Monkey gets the best inspirational dialogues ever seen. Crane performs the usual one , but no special mention. Viper helps in some areas. Master Shifu is now reformed and achieves inner peace. Mr.Ping is now a worried father, when Po asks questions about his origin. Two new characters are Lord shen and soothsayer. Lord shen is the evil guy , who believes that happiness has to be created within oneself. The soothsayer is typically good when Po struggles with his problem.

Narration in the movie is top and we are introduced directly into the narrative mode, when the movie starts. Some scenes where , Po realizes that what has been in him ? is perfectly narrated. The flashback mode in the movie is effective.

Voice overs are same and we have Gary oldman as voice maker for Lord Shen. He is effective , for some extent. But I might have expected a better evil voice. I never found Shen showing his evil histrionics in dialogues. Rest all are good. Jack black is as usual superb.

Technically movie is stellar and music has some repetitive scores as of the previous. The emotional scenes had better music and animation work was splendid. Dialogues are great , but not best. Editing is neat and enough.

Bottom line: Perfectly narrated, deeply satisfying emotional drama, that has rare humor scenes and lengthy action scenes. A good sequel to the original.