Fast Five 2011

fast five is the last installment in the fast and furious series. The movie is brought by Universal studios and directed by Justin Lin. The movie is written by Chris Morgan. The movie has a runtime of about 120 minutes. Its fast and really a perfect adrenaline rush movie.

The movie has a good emotional script with action backdrop. The strength of the movie lies in the character development of especially Dom and Connor. Dom is been arrested and Connor and mia saves Dom by assaulting a van. They try to seize the cars in a train. After they successfully seize some cars, they plan big to loot money from Reyes. They assemble a team with special quality skills and together they make a plan. Meanwhile Hobbs a cop tracks them. Reyes arranges men to kidnap the girl and plan fails. Now what they need to try something different and they must be fast and furious to loot the money from a police station locker.

Character development is more focussed on, Dom, Connor and Mia. Things make a move on as they enter into a emotional drama and they try to get themselves free after a big heist. Rest characters are ok and did not have much scope in terms of plot and they did get their techniques but they were sub dued.

Performances were cool from all the casts. Dom performed by Vin Diesel, is as cool as possible. Connor performed by Paul Walker is typically different in his language slang. But he is awesome in facial expressions. Mia performed by Jordana Brewster is not upto the mark in skills. She did not have a greater role other than, just being on screen. Hobbs performed by Dwayne Johnson, as a cop. He is muscular and looks like a macho man. His expressions are more better than his previous movies. I liked his performance in the movie. His chemistry with Vin diesel is just the best. During certain scenes he was just freaking awesome. Rest other characters are ok and they did have their respective role. What I liked, is the role of Tyrese Gibson as a cool actor. He was a bit afraid of the stunts in the movie but in certain parts he did the comic part to the movie.

Direction by  Justin Lin is cool and stylish. Screenplay was very good and every scene had a connection both emotionally and technically.

Dialogues are ok in the movie. There are two to three dialogues that were good enough. Music in the movie is suiting the standards. Background score is just superb during the car chase scenes. Cinematography is excellent accompanied with the stylish camera work. Visual effects are just cool. Action scenes are fast and really needed clarity to some extent.

My say: Emotional filled drama with stylish direction and gripping screenplay with a spectacular climax. Performances are cool and dialogues are ok with sub dued performances of the other casts. Watch for the performances of Dwayne and Vin diesel. Coolest summer action blockbuster.

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