The Mechanic 2011 – Staring Jason Statham and Ben Foster – not to be confused with the original movie from 1972 staring Charles Bronson and Jan-Michael Vincent. Having never viewed the original, I have high hopes that I may offer a fresh look at this re-worked classic. This film falls into the action/adventure category as do most of Mr. Statham’s films and is set in present day, mulitple locations.

The film opens with Jason Statham’s character (Arthur Bishop) pulling off an incredible assasination – per his line of work – of a rather important member of a renowned drug cartel, cleverly disguising it as an accident. As those of you who are Jason Statham fans know, he does his own stunts, and he does not disappoint in his latest turn as Joe Bad A** in this action/adventure flick. He and Donald Sutherland (Harry McKenna) team up once again, (see them together in The Italian Job) Arthur Bishop being Harry’s protoge, and in-turn Bishop becoming Harry’s son Steve McKenna’s mentor (Steve played brilliantly by Ben Foster). Did ya get all that? Good! So against his new employers advice, Bishop chooses to continue to train/mentor Steve McKenna, and after a few bumps and bruises, Steve proves to be a welcome addition. There are a few twists and turns at this point which make the film what it is, alas, I cannot divulge such information, yet it is worth your while! Look people, I could tell you why Bishop has decided to take on Steve as his new apprentice, and why he chooses to defy his new employers while keeping Steve on against their wishes, but I choose not to do so based on the whole of the movie and your pure enjoyment!

That being said, I will let you know that the cinematography is beautiful, as is the fact that the movie seems focused alot on the soundtrack (which I like!). Again – to those Statham fans out there, it’s a bit Crank-esk! Besides that, the acting is superb, and Ben Foster shines!

Attitude is a big factor in this movie, and boy does it show! You can’t hide the fact that some ego is apparent through the characters! They are everything you expect them to be and more, but is it real? Does it feel real? Do you feel like your in the moment? Absolutely! There is a little bit of predictability, but not enough to ruin it for you.

This movie is entertaining, plain and simple! When it comes down to it, you want to see great acting, a great plot, and a great ending, and this film delivers! I would give it 5 stars, but it’s not epic, yet we all know epic is a long way from just plain entertaining! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, keeping in mind, we can’t all be hit men!