When comedy was ruled by Jim Carrey back in the 90s, this movie was quite a welcome change. Although she does not deliver as much as we expect for a Bean movie! When Rowan Atkinson and Peter Macnicol (Ally Mcbeal, 24) team up together laughter does happen. Atkinson in particular is excellent; however I feel if he spoke more rather than stick to his silent movie approach the movie would have been more successful than it is. Expectations were quite high back in 1997 when this initially took over the cinemas and what feedback it got back in the day I am not very familiar with. No introduction is needed on this one. Since the British TV show Mr. Bean was aired in 1990, Bean has been a household name and the chances are a majority of the entire world has seen at least one episode of him. This wondrous story of a Man child is a creation of Rowan Atkinson himself. So what can you expect you pack it all up into one movie? 

Mel Smith, who took up the screen play that was done by Rowan Atkinson, is given a fairly arduous task I must say. This script is not the sharpest script written by Atkinson based on Mr. Bean. His intended humor was obviously that of the acting of Bean. However for those who are hardcore fans of the entire Mr. Bean franchise would have preferred a more original adaptation of the character. Something that will be done in the future with Johnny English 

Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) a caretaker at the British Royal National Gallery dodges a bullet when it is decided by the directors to send him to Los Angeles instead of firing him. The drawing of Whistlers Mother is apparently returning back to where she belongs – The United States. When David Langley (Peter Macnicol) decided to select a British art scholar instead of Bon Jovi to speak at the grand unveiling of the drawing, little did he know that Dr.Bean (he isn’t a doctor really- I am sure you will figure that on your own) was what he has signed up for? The mayhem begins in flight when Bean pops a bag of vomit on a first class customer during cruise.  Only Bean can make such a mistake. Whilst Bean is in flight, Langley is trying to convince his son and daughter about the scholar staying over at their place during his visit to LA.  Alison Langley (Pamela Reed) who is not too thrilled about the whole idea gives her husband the benefit of the doubt. Soon they are about to find out how wrong they all were. 

Now it all is clear to me and now I am beginning to understand what viewers felt back in 1997. 

Disappointment! Hardly hitting Average!


Title: Bean

Directed by: Mel Smith 

Starring: Rowan Atkinson & Peter Macnicol 

Rated: PG13 for risqué humor 

Rating: 05/10