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Where The Wild Things Are Movie Review

A month or two ago, I saw “Where The Wild Things Are”.  Max Records, James Gandolfini, Catherine O’Hara, etc, made this imaginery film comne to life, when Max, (Played by Max Records), get into a fight with his mom, runs away from home and goes somewhere, where he knows he can feel happy and secure. 

 At the beginning of the film, it shows Max, a little boy, who seems to like to be off in his own world.  When he tries to involve others, things don’t work out for the best.  He tries to get his sister and her “friends” to take part in a snowball fight, which results in him being caved in, in his own fort by her “friends”.  When he calls upon her help, she just leaves him in his time of need and goes off with the people she calls “friends”.  This is just one of the events that causes Max to run away.  Max gets upset by what her sister has done and damages her room, causing his mom to have to clean up the mess.  She calms Max down, but Max still doesn’t feel happy.  His mom then invites a friend over, for a “date”, which ultimetly ends up in Max getting very mad and running away to his make belief land.  When Max arrives to his “so called” land, things don’t go the way that he wants them to go.  Max tells the “Wild Things” that he is a king and they let him rule their land, which ends up causing fights, love, and choas.  Max tries to resolve all what he has done, but it will not be easy, that’s for sure. 

 One aspect in the movie that I found very fascinating was the direction and photography.  The scenery that takes place in this film is stunning and heart warming.  The walks in the desert, to the cold, dark forest.   Writer/director, Spike Jonze, does a fantastic job with directing this film, making it very unique and nothing that you have ever seen before.  This is different then any film that I have ever seen before. 

 This film is filled with drama, adventure, love, and family.  It is beyond any move that you have ever seen before.  It is a film that you can’t stop thinking about, even after you have watched it.  Spike Jonze definetly makes you think in this film about what it truely means to you.  It is a very well done film and I recomend people to watch it.



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