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Movie Review – Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Remember in the trailer when Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) pops up onscreen and offers the warning “Please. Save your money. This thing sucks.”? She definitely underestimated herself on the accuracy on that comment.




Arguably, Glee used to be a great show – mostly because it took the piss out of the literal stereotypes that revolve around the absurd cliques of high school life and culture. Then it started taking itself seriously – expanding into pop culture and the mainstream music industry for the sake of ratings.


Now cue Glee: The 3D Concert Movie; a shallow, noisy, overproduced marketing ploy that has officially derailed the franchise.


It looks like the directors decided to go full speed ahead with the same ideas as Never Say Never; when it isn’t chugging along with drearily reproduced pop songs, we get snippets of fans gushing their love for Glee and their characters right before cutting back to the concert footage. Between all this nonsense, three stories of a cheerleader with dwarfism, a young gay male and a girl with Asperger’s Syndrome show how the series helped them come to terms with their problems of identity and acceptance.


Okay, these scenes do add some warmth and genuine humanity to the film, but to what extent? We get only three stories that show how mildly great it is as a whole; the rest is chocked full of prepubescent fan girls drooling and pouring out their love over Brittany’s boobs or Blaine’s new haircut. Insight into the impact of the franchise isn’t examined as their over-obsessive nature is.


This is obviously aimed for the ‘Gleeks’, but even then the stumbles and fails of the production make it a forced experience rather than an insight of any sort.

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