The film chronicles a day alongside ambitious independent film makers Rainier (Cipriano), Bingbong (de Guzman), and their production assistant, who are in the pre-production stage of creating an award-winning independent film. Driving along in their cramped up car, they review their script, screen their location, and try to book superstar actress Ms. Eugene Domingo to star in their piece.

What a surprisingly good film. Nicely directed by Marlon Rivera is this brilliant screenplay by Chris Martinez. JM de Guzman and Kean Cipriano give hilarious performances to their ambitious filmmaker roles. Eugene Domingo is classic over the top funny in this piece as well, playing herself as a superstar diva. Catch special cameo roles from Cherry Pie Picache and Mercedes Cabral as well.

This official entry for the Philippines 2011 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival is a show stopper. Directly translated in English as “The Lady in the Septic Tank”. It is a brilliantly crafted film that’s genius, imaginative, and honest raw film making. Extremely funny I laughed my ass off. Kudos to writer Chris Martinez for the excellent screenplay.

It is mostly different takes on a series of key scenes as our characters try to revise their script. As they revise, we see the changes on screen, from a fictional story, to a docu-type feel, a quirky musical, and an over the top product placement ad thought of by Eugene Domingo herself. At one point, the lead actress even changes from Eugene, to Cherry Pie, and to Mercedes, in a funny sequence of events.

I haven’t seen a current Philippine title this good in years. Definitely recommendable and a must see.

Support Philippine Cinema and watch “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank”.