Slumber Party Massacre III is a 1990 slasher movie.  A few of its stars include Brandi Burkett as Diane, Hope Marie Carlton as Janine, Keely Christian as Jackie, Brittain Frye as Ken, and David Greenlee as Duncan.  This film is written by Catherine Cyran and directed by Sally Mattison.

The story follows Jackie Cassidy and her friends as they decide to have a slumber party at her house.  Little do they know that a killer with a fondness for drills lies in the shadows outside the house, waiting to make his first move on the girls, and the boys who decide to invite themselves to the get-together.

This film has no visible connection to the previous two films, but follows a similar pattern as the first one.  A few young girls have a sleepover at one of the girls’ houses and some boys decide to crash it, while a killer stalks them.  It offers very little in terms of originality.  One feature that does seem to be somewhat new to this movie series is that there appears to be more killings not involving the notorious drill, for which these films are so well-known.  For instance, one girl is electrocuted when the killer throws a vibrator into the bathtub with her.  Another person is killed when he is impaled by a “for sale” sign.

Also, the killer in this film is very similar to Russ Thorn, the killer from the original movie.  He seems to have had some sort of traumatic experience as a child that made him the man we see.  But there is a difference between the two.  Thorn seemed to have been physically abused as a child, whereas this killer may have been abused sexually.  Additionally, Thorn had very few lines of dialogue and this murderer, after he is revealed, has many lines.

Slumber Party Massacre III does make an attempt at having a sort of “whodunit” feature.  But it is very vague, as the killer is revealed well before the film ends.  We can also easily tell who he is before it is known for certain.  This is because the person who does it always seems to reappear at the scene later on as a seemingly innocent character.  One may think the writers would try to throw the viewers off by having it seem as though this person is the killer when he’s really not.  Yet, there appears to be no effort to do this which, I would say, contributes to the film’s lack of quality and originality.

To wrap, Slumber Party Massacre III is a fine film if you’re not expecting too much out of it.  In a way, it looks like just your typical slasher flick with even less of a “shock” factor.