2001 Maniacs and not a maniac more? You may just be the maniac after seeing this film: crazy loving it or crazy hating it, or some other nondescript form of crazy.

The movie 2001 Maniacs was ignored by some, but some that were not amongst the some noticed Eli Roth’s name amongst the list of producers and gave it a chance. Many of these people are responsible for the semi-cult status of the project and the fact that a sequel is in the works, and even anticipated. Directed by Tim Sullivan, 2001 Maniacs is about a group of people traveling to Florida for Spring Break, only to wind up in a hidden southern town and eventually on to the menu for the BBQ celebration. Yes, there is a supernatural element afoot involving the town’s population and their brooding hatred for Northern folk dating all the way back to the atrocities of the Civil War.

The cast is filled with talent, though the acting parts aren’t the type to really let any of them shine. In fact before I even mention the list of actors and famous cameos the fact must be stated: Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) as the town mayor, is the only character you’ll remember. His performance is so over-the-top and silly that it almost steals the entire show. However, in the words of Mayor George W. Buckman: “Don’t be a wet ding-dong.”, and give these other actors names a momentary glance as well: Lin Shaye, Giuseppe Andrews, Gina Marie Heekin, Marla Malcolm, Dylan Edrington, Brian Gross, Wendy Kremer, Ryan Fleming, Peter Stormare, Eli Roth, Christa Campbell, Travis Tritt, Kane Hodder, and in a deleted scene is director John Landis.

Some horror movies take the classic “blood and boobs” formula and hyper-mix the Baywatch technology when combining the sex with violence to almost make it too hard (pun intended) to pay attention to the story. Considering 2001 Maniacs is quite silly, for a male viewer as part of the target audience, I must admit it is difficult to want to pay attention to anything other than the cast loaded with hot ladies. The tone of the film is indeed similar to the works of Eli Roth, the comedy and the gore come off almost full-on slapstick in nature and the actors really ham it up. This movie is an experience you need to be seeking as opposed to just being some rental to try out. You have to go into it wanting that special sexy mix of gore and comedy in order to appreciate it. I think the cameos are what really ties it all together, because even the most cynical critic’s mind would be kept on the screen to point them out for fun. The special effects make sure to match the tone of everything else, with the blood and such being overdone. The death scenes are indeed interesting and often elaborate.

Fun, that seems to be what this film was intending to bring. The interesting plot ends up feeling like one of those throw-away, straight to Dvd flicks in the American Pie series due to the sex, however, that just means you should buy the movie so that through repetitive watching you can appreciate everything that is being offered.

Guys, if your girlfriend has upstanding morals and gets easily offended she will not appreciate you bringing this movie home from the rental store; it’ll burn with all of the porn she finds. However, if you are a horror fan or someone looking for the type of film that you can embrace as being silly or gives you that naughty guilty pleasure feel: then this is for you. 2001 Maniacs is a genre piece that works perfectly for what it is and those some that aren’t the some are already eagerly awaiting the seconds.