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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D-Review


Heather (Adelaide Clemens) and her father, Henry (Sean Bean) are settling into their new life and home from being on the run. Unable to remember what happened during her childhood that caused her to lose her mother, someone from Heather’s past is after her. Her curiosity doesn’t rise until her father is kidnapped and the only way to get him back is by going to a town called Silent Hill. Vincent (Kit Harrington), her classmate, comes along with her. Once in Silent Hill, neither embarked on walking into a nightmarish town with deformed creatures. What happened to Heather when she was a child? Who are these creatures and what do they want? Are they demonic? Is this the workings of a cult?




I have been waiting six years for this movie to come out. I loved part one. Radha Mitchell (Rose Da Silva), who played the mother, was amazing from the first scream to the last. The way part one ended, I was curious as to how Harry will ever find Sharon (Sharon’s name is changed to Heather in this movie) and Rose. I was let down, hard. This film was a complete mess. The reasoning on how Heather came back from Silent Hill as a child didn’t make sense. **Spoiler from part one** Towards the end of part one, Sharon becomes possessed by the demon and the demon takes over her soul. How did she return to Harry as Sharon when she should have been the demon? Next, there were a lot of clichés lines and moments in this film. Heather and Vincent just met and within a day of knowing each other they are like “I don’t want anything to happen to you because I care for you too much.” Soap opera much? Radha’s lines were limited and not necessary for those were also very cliché. She was even calling Harry “my love” a couple of times. Ugh! The monsters were completely out of whack. Part one with the nurses who only move when light hits them was a great and scary scene. The nurses were brought back in part two but they changed the concept on what makes them move; a small but important factor. Lame! The monsters were very very boring and it was so obvious that the director was trying too hard to compete with part one. I hated this film, especially the ending and 3D. All in all, I will never see this film again. Watch part one.

Rating: 1 star

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