Clint Eastwood stars and directs the 2002 mystery Blood Work, in which Eastwood’s character Terry McCaleb receives a heart transplant from a recently murdered young woman and is tasked with finding her killer. The problem with the film is the casting. The casting director or Eastwood needs to realize you can’t cast a famous actor to play a seemingly very insignificant part, and then turn out to be the killer. It’s so obviously from the start this is the case in this film and the film itself really never works.

Terry McCaleb is an FBI agent tracking down a serial killer who leaves the message: 903 472 568. McCaleb, exiting the crime scene, notices a person in the crowd wearing blood soaked shoes. He chases the man, and let me just say that if you can’t outrun Clint Eastwood in this film, you should be caught. My goodness how slow of an action scene this was. McCaleb eventually gets the shoe from the guy right before suffering an apparent heart attack.

Later we find that McCaleb had a heart replacement from a young woman that was murdered by this Code killer. McCaleb has since retired and is living on a boat next to his “Buddy” Jasper Noone. McCaleb is approached by the sister of the woman who’s heart he has and she wants McCaleb to find his sister’s murderer. With Buddy tagging along, McCaleb investigates leads and inches closer to the code killer. Eventually through the help of a young boy, McCaleb figures out the code, finds the killer and takes care of business.

What’s so silly about the film is as soon as Jasper Noone, played by Jeff Daniels, is introduced, I knew he was the killer. There is no reason for this character to be anyone but an unknown character actor unless the character is the killer. This is the case and the name of the character is just so dumb. Jasper “Buddy” Noone. Looking at the code that was left: 903 472 568 there is no 1 in the code. Jasper “Buddy” No/one. I’m terrible at numerical codes such as this and even I figured that one out. Aside from the mystery that wasn’t there, the film features so very broad characters especially Detective Ronaldo Arrango played by Paul Rodriguez. This is such a bad performance that if he was a lead character in the film, he would surely land Worst Performance in a Film in the 365 in 365 awards. Just simply awful and stereotypical. With a predictable storyline and an offensively bad supporting cast, Blood Work should be a 1 star film but damn it if I can’t give an Eastwood film that low of a rating simply because of how much I enjoy watching Clint on screen. This is not a good film though, and should be avoided.