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Eric Williams | Movie and Film Reviews (MFR)

Author: Eric Williams

The Verdict

“Nothing we can do, can make that woman well.” “And no one will know the truth.” “What is the truth?” “That poor girl put her trust into the— the hands of two men who took her life… She’s in a coma. Her life is gone. She has no...

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Battle Los Angeles

We’ve seen this kind of movie before with Independence Day, Signs, and War of the Worlds being the most well known of it’s kind. By adding in a mixture of heart, coupled by a fantasticly rugged performance by Aaron Eckhart, the...

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Just Another Love Story

When I started out this blog to watch and review 365 movies in 365 days, the purpose of it was to get a greater appreciation for film and to watch films that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Perhaps the greatest find during this...

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Food Matters

“When I look at cancer rates going up, heart disease going up, stroke going up, Alzheimer’s and senile dementia and cognitive impairment going up… a change is due. Clearly the old ways aren’t working and what we need to do is we...

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Lady Vengeance

In Park Chan-wook’s final installment of his vengeance trilogy, the artistic flair is turned up but the main narrative fails to capture the imagination. 2005’s Lady Vengeance is a more subtle approach to the idea of vengeance,...

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