The Source code, is designed and directed by Duncan Jones. When I say the word designed, I mean it. The reason is that, it is having a basic sub-plot of computer programming. In short we can say that it is a time assessing program that can rehold the future, by sending a person into the past. In this movie, Lt. Colten Stevens, is been sent into a unknown body named Shawn. The purpose is unknown and we find Stevens in a different image, only when he checks himself in a mirror. Now he realizes that, he is in body of someone else. Accordingly it looks like he has a girl friend named as Christina. Now what is the purpose of a Lt being sent onto a train into someone else body. There is no need of guessing, we can simply say a mission! on board. Using the source code, a bomb which is been placed on the train and the bomber are to be founded. So Stevens now has a job offer. He needs to save the people on train before anything happens!

Jake Gyllenhall performed as Colten Stevens. He is puzzling, stunning and also protective in the movie. For many instances, I find him very cool and calm trying to understand the situation. His expressions are more better than, Prince of Persia. During key scenes, he has done a commendable performance. Michelle Monaghan is looking dazzling and always having a smile on her face throughout the movie. May be she is in a feeling that her boyfriend is close. Well, she has nothing much to do in terms of story, but Stevens has a liking for her. Vera Farmiga is doing the role of operator of source code. She has the coolest look and in certain scenes, with Jake , she did her job as acting as a side character, that has a key role in the movie. Rest characters are present and did their respective roles with ease.

Speaking about dialogs, I cannot mention any driving dialog. The movie has simple dialogs all over. The climax dialog is only some appreciable. Otherwise no special mention for the dialogs in the movie. The dialog explaining source code is good.

Direction by Duncan Jones is good. Every frame is taken well. Right from the beginning shot, till the climax movie goes on a thrill mode. There is no scene, where movie goes on a slow side. Everything is directed for perfection. There are no over exaggerated performances and I find neat direction all over.

Music and cinematography is good. Camera work is also good. Editing was brilliant and needed real appreciation, instead of bringing any dilemma for the viewers. Of course , initial 15 minutes of the movie looks confusing, but later on everything gets well and we are connected with the movie.

Finally source code, is a movie more of a thriller , that is interesting to watch and spend time. Though it lacks serious graphic works or computer generated images, it looks like a movie on train and a lab. But it is interesting and makes it worth watchable for perfect direction and neat performances. I give three and a half for the movie.