Time reassignment program. Oh my god! Source code is way different from the time machine. We have seen many movies in the past that has the time machine story involved. Well this story is well connected, but it is not about going to the past only, but also changing the future

The basic story goes like this. Captain Colter stevens impersonates Shawn fentress a teacher into a local train heading for Chicago. He does not understand what in the world he is and neither us. But sooner we understand that he has been sent on a mission, to find a bomb fixed in the train and also the bomber. With many trials he wastes a lot of time. When he finds the real bomber it has become too late and by the time bomber hacks a plot to finish him off. So his work has been completed. But there is a single request he always wanted to ask for right from the beginning. But now there are two requests, he would like to do. Can he do that?

Narrative in the movie is very thin. In such kind of movies, one needs a lot of clarity in the concept. Audience do not understand anything for the first ten minutes or so. We have to wait for the train to explode and then things begin to start. Towards the end, there was very specific scenes where every audience must realize that how important dialogs are in this movie to understand the thrill. Clarity in the narration as the movie was way too fast before one could confirm the reason for that scene to come.

Character development in the movie is just about fine. Capt. Colter stevens is a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan and he wants to talk to his father. This is about him. The girl on the train is called as Christina warrens and we have no characterization about her. Goodwin is the source code operator and she too do not have a real back story. In one scene she says that she is divorced.  She specifies herself as a woman seeking a date when, stevens ask whether she is married.  The main developer of the source code is handicapped and wearing a glass who explains the meaning of source code to stevens. His character is really reflected when, he tries to utilize stevens for all such missions. Very cheap and selfish character. Any way he is paid the price at the last. Rest others have no specific background in the movie.

Performances are mesmerizing. Jake glenhall easily manages to be within the past and also the present. His body language and facial expressions are perfect. Michelle monaghan is just always uttering the same dialog , and continuing her smile throughout the movie. Her expressions are different in certain scenes. Vera farmiga is very good as the operator and also as a woman , who helps a person in need. She keeps those eye brows in a shocking manner when she sees a twist and also her facial expressions keep changing at a daunting pace. Not to say much about the source code developer. Rest other characters did their respective jobs. I would feel about one person in the movie is the real shawn fentress. More of a cameo role in mirrors and I needed at least one scene as him teacher. The guy had a very innocent face fitting to be a teacher.

Dialogues in the movie are ok. Well they are not really mesmerizing or captivating. They have a purpose and some dialogues about the source code are worth mentioning.

Technically movie is good. Editing needed clarity and sometimes It lacks the precision. Cinematography and camera work ,  were really good.

Bottom line: If I had a chance to enter the source code I would not stop the bomb in a train , but find the answers to my questions like What is the past of Michelle’s character and Who exactly is Shawn fentress and Why the bomber tries to plant the bomb. Of course I may not get that chance. If I would like to end this mission , I would simply say , its innovative, perfectly acted, neatly written with some flaws here and there and some mismatches in the narrative. I give source code STAND OUT THRILLER