J.K Rowling series, is back after 5th instalment. Harry potter and the half blood prince. The title says , something towards blood relation and link to a prince. This movie continues from the previous one. After harry faces lord voldemort, the people realise that dark lord is back and his death eaters cause havoc and chaos in the city. The destruction of the bridge will show the real character of the death eaters. They are abducting people and killing muggle borns. Harry meets dumbledore and he comes in contact with horace slughorn. Horace used to be the teacher at the time of lilly potter. He meets his friends, but unfortunately this time there is no training lessons because harry has an appointment with dumbledore. Dumbledore shows harry memories, of lord voldemort and thus finds his weakness. In the meantime, draco malfoy is up to something. Horace slughorn has a crucial memory and it is the work assignment for harry to retrieve the memory. In between romance, sexual tension and love is in the air. But something unexpected is going to happen.

Coming to the performances, we say that for the first time, albus dumbledore ( micheal gambon) has a crucial role to play and has a lot of screentime. Harry potter (Daniel radcliffe) also has equal screen time with dumbledore. They both are show stealers for the movie. Daniel’s performance is more matured than the previous and we see all the shades of him in the movie. In some scenes, he is heroic and some he is still a 16 year old boy. At one scene, with horace slughorn ( Jim broadbent) , he is awesome and also the crucial scene of the movie, he is mature and his skills are showed. Now he is a grown up potter. Supported by Jim broadbent, as horace slughorn, is really funny and sometimes serious. But I always see him as a funny professor. Hermione granger ( Emma watson ) and Ron weasley (Rupert grint) are good in their roles. But they do not have a major role in the movie. Draco Malfoy ( Tom felton ) is way too short and looks a bad guy in this movie. His lens are disturbing for the viewers. Rest others, had little scope.

Dialogs are many. But some dialogs towards the climax are gripping and has a chance to stand apart. Dialogs and conversation between harry and slughorn is the driving factor for the movie. Certain dialogs like ” I don’t have to fear “because I am with you”said by dumbledore , makes us realise that he has trust upon harry potter. Harry potter saying”I have to finish what dumbledore started”shows responsibility taken up by harry.

Direction by David Yates is not equal to order of phoenix, but almost good. He has focussed a lot on romance and emotional content rather than the storyline and some crucial scenes are removed from the book. With nearly 150 minutes, movie seems dragged all in all and in first half we do not find the movie moving. The second half , towards the last 20 minutes, movie picks up. The scenes are picturized perfectly, and I do not think that there were any flaws. Performances are superb and stands out.

Technically movie is loaded with good visual effects and nice background score at the crucial points. Editing is the major defect and, lot of scenes can be trimmed to make it fit as fiddle. Scenes are way too dragged and first half it is more like a romance movie rather than a magical film.

Finally harry potter and the half blood prince is good , in parts but not the best as that of the previous. It may be still liked by the book lovers. General audience would not understand the movie as it has lot of loopholes and narration becomes weaker as movie progresses. I give  three stars for the movie.