I’m just going to go out and say it, I think that Big Fish is Tim Burton’s best movie. Taking into consideration Sweeney Todd, Edward Scissorhands, and Batman that’s a pretty bold statement for me to make but I stand by it. Big Fish is a wonderful movie that just exudes energy and is full of vibrant colors and life.The movie is about the life of Edward Bloom played by Ewan McGregor. When he was a kid a witch showed him how he was going to die, and ever since then he used that knowledge to try and live his life to the fullest. The story is told in flashbacks as the now dying Edward Bloom lives the last days of his life with his family and his son who hasn’t talked to him in years. It’s because Edward tells the story of his life with such spectacle and elaboration that there is no way they can be true. He believes his father to be a liar and even unfaithful, afraid that he was always away from home because he had another family.It’s true Edward’s stories are impossible. Throughout his life he meets a 10 foot giant, joins a carnival, gets attacked by a werewolf, sees fish-women, and even buys an entire town just so he can keep it from dying out. Every story seems so dipped with fantasy and it makes it so entertaining and beautiful to us the viewer, but to his son it’s just his father lying to him his entire life.That story keeps us very attached to the son, however unlikable he may get. This is of course bound to happen because 85% of the movie is Ewan McGregor and his character is so darn likable. He is charming, generous, and a good person whom we have no reason to doubt. In our eyes the son is being a douche towards this amazing guy who’s helped so many people. Eventually the son has a change of heart and the movie ends with one of the sweetest stories ever told, it’s a true tug at the heart strings.So the story is solid but visually the movie is equally stunning. Every time we’re following Edward Bloom the colors just pop out of the screen and even in dark atmospheric scenes the movie looks beautiful. So does Danny Elfman’s score. The only piece of Burton flair that this movie is missing is Johnny Depp (yes, Helena Bonham Carter is here).In this movie I feel that Burton has created his masterpiece, at least so far, perhaps he’ll surprise me once again later on. I recommend this movie to all of my friends and hope that you have a good time watching it. Perhaps I should come up with a rating system, maybe it would make this more formal….. I give this movie a….5/5. Oh wait no! I got it! I give this movie 5 Oscars. (I hope I’m not stepping on any toes here, but then again it is my name.)