Mallrats (1995)

Directed By: Kevin Smith

94 Minutes

TS (Jeremy London) and Brodie (Jason Lee) hit the mall after has each of their girlfriends (Claire Forlani and Shannon Doherty) dump them. At the mall they meet many zany characters and start a plot to get their girlfriends back. Ben Affleck co stars as a mall employee who has it out for Brodie. Jay and Silent Bob also round out the cast just like every Kevin Smith’s View Askew movie.

As far as Kevin Smith movies go, this is my least favourite (the exception being Cop Out which remains unseen by me). It’s not as thought provoking as Dogma or Chasing Amy, nor is it as funny as Clerks or Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The comedy in this movie is really uneven. A good portion of the dialouge is really witty and fun. Pretty much any comic book references come off as great. of Stan Lee’s 101 cameos, this one is the best.

However, a lot of the jokes that fail are not only unfunny but cringe worthy. The bit with the “chocolate” pretzels is disgusting and goes on far too long for my taste. Although I did find the shit demon from Dogma to be a riot. But I don’t think I’ll gain too much credit as a critic by analyzing poop jokes. There’s too much time that goes between a good joke, and the time in between gets really obnoxious.

Part of the charm lost in this movie is that it felt like it needed to be bigger than Clerks. Clerks had that nice, small, and cozy charm to it. It’s low budget granted Clerks have strong dialogue and characters.  The characters are hit and miss. Brodie is excellent but TS is extremely dull. Mallrats features Jay and Silent Bob’s least interesting performances. The film relies heavily on physical humor and stunts. They fall flat, but even Kevin Smith admitted that he’s the least visual director in hollywood.

Should you see Mallrats? Well, if you love Kevin Smith’s works; then go for it. Just don’t expect his A Game. However, if you have never seen a Kevin Smith film, start with Clerks. You’ll get a few laughs, probably more laughs than I did even. Plenty of people seem to prefer this to Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Jersey Girl, which saddens me.

I’d Recommed:



-Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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