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Transformers Dark side of the Moon

So who is with me and giving up on listing to some of these so called critics who bash our comic book movies? I say if you’re a fan of the transformers show   or any other comic book film franchise stand up for it and let your voice be heard.  This sci –fi adventure transformers : dark side of the moon stars  Shia  Labeouf, Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, Tyrese Gibson, Rosie Huntington –Whiteley, and Patrick Dempsey . It’s directed by Michael Bay and runs 157 minutes.Going into this film i was hoping it would better then revenge of the fallen and it went way beyond that   this film was a home run. The Transformers : Dark side of the Moon  centers  around  the autobots  learning about   a cybertronian spaceship that crashed  landed on the moon during the  war on cybetron between the autobots and  decepticons,  this space ship holds a secret that could have  help the autobots  defeat  the decepticons  . The secret is held  inside an accent aubot  leader sentinel prime  who  crashed on the moon  and  prompted the space race of 1969  between the usa and  Russia . Sam’s life picks up after transformers 2 living in washington dc trying to find a job after graduating from college living with his new girlfriend carly (rosie huntington –whitely). Megan fox and victories’ secrets model sam is one luck guy. This secret brings sam (ladies man 261) witwicky back into the fold of the war among the autobots and decepticons. While working at new job he meets a co worker   jerry wang (ken jeong) who has inside info to the spaceship that crashed on the moon and knew sam had connections to the autobots. He gives this information to sam in an awkward but funny bathroom scene   wrestling around in a bathroom stall. When on the way to give this info the cia, which is headed up by charlotte mearing (frances mcdormand) sam is attacked by the decepticons   at every turn.  Sam realizes after some digging what the plan actually is and all hell breaks loose. It’s all starts with his girlfriend carly being kidnapped by her slimy boss dylan (patrick dempsey) who happens to be an allies of the decepticons   and helping them get the secret from the crashed spaceship on the moon.You know regardless of what people think of all the special effects being used nowadays this is one film where it is nessarcy to explaning the story and bring the characters to life. Michael bay did an outstanding job of bringing this final chapter to life from the battles between the   autobots vs.  decepticons to the attack on the cia facility, and the attack on chicago and everything in between.If you’re expecting any oscar worthy performances here you went to the film and wasted your money. This is a typical sci- fi action adventure lot of explosions gun fire, buildings collapsing, and aliens. He did a good job adding some new   faces to the franchise; it didn’t interfere with telling the story at all. Ken Jeong (the hangover) John malkovich (red) added just the right amount of humor as sams co worker, and lunatic boss. Frances Mcdormand felt like she was there all along from the beginning and what can you say about rosie huntington –whiteley she made me forget about Megan what’s here name. If this indeed is the final chapter in this wildly successful franchise you can say it really went out with bang. It didn’t disappoint one bit from beginning to end. I give Transformers: Dark side of the Moon 4 stars for putting a great product on the big screen.

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