Truth be told, I had no clue of what to expect from this movie.

After watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but remember that… Shall we say, unsuccessful, and by far inferior movie called “The Box” (Starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden), because of the whole annonymous-agents-with-hats deal.

However, since the movie started, I realized it was a whole different direction.

Why? Well…

What I got from the movie was that it had an insight on religion, and how we tend to do everything in our power to be able to forge our destiny, and I think that’s what the movie wanted to give to us.

But the thing that got me was the way it juggled with our concepts of religion, fate and decisions through the whole movie. And it worked like a charm: We see Matt Damon’s character, David (Being the second movie where Damon portrays a character named David after The Bourne Ultimatum) fighting against his fate to be with the woman of his dreams, Elise (Emily Blunt), no matter what obstacles the Adjustment Bureau puts in his path.

All in all, it’s one of those movies that get you in a way that, after you step out of the theater, you start thinking… “Man, could that be real?”

Like I said, it’s a movie that gives us a new idea of religion, and myself, being catholic, loved it.